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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Prosano Health Advanced Primary Care?
How is Prosano Health Advanced Primary Care different from the primary care doctor I already go to?
What core services will be available?
What specialty services will be available at the Prosano Care Center?
Will the Prosano Care team provide outreach, reminders and assist in scheduling member preventive and wellness check-ups based on their health profile, age, and other risk factors?
Does Prosano Health offer urgent care?
Am I paying the entire cost for Specialists, Urgent Care and Emergency Room Visits?
Is nutrition and weight loss counseling available at Prosano Health?
Does Prosano Health offer pediatric services?
Is women’s health available at Prosano Health?
Will allergy testing be available at Prosano Health Care Center?
How do the behavioral health services work?
Vaccines and Laboratory Services
Are lab services available onsite?
What kinds of lab testing are available at Prosano Health?
How long will it take to get my lab results?
Can I get my labs done at Prosano, even if they are ordered by a non-Prosano physician?
Does Prosano Health offer common and travel vaccines?
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